A STEMneutral FUTURE. 

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Finding equity in STEM.



Inequity in STEM is NOT due to biological differences.
Inequity in STEM is NOT due to lack of interest in girls. 

The STEM problem is a systemic issue...

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We need to consult the science. There are hard lessons on offer about the real, implicit biases that prevent women from progressing in STEM careers...

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Today’s STEM students.
Tomorrow’s STEM leaders.

Women are already interested in STEM. 
Women are equally capable in STEM.

Studies and life lessons show that insidious biases work in many, sometimes very difficult to detect, ways to prevent women from progressing in their STEM careers. We can expose and neutralize these biases. We can make STEM a neutral playing field. When accomplished, society and science win.  

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STEM change.

The global problems we face today don't just need 21st century skills to solve but as many unique perspectives as possible to identify key problems and innovate diverse solutions for those problems. If we don't have gender neutral teams tackling these problems we will miss out unique perspectives and potential solutions. For a better future for all, we need a STEM neutral future.

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Help NEUTRALIZE the STEM playing field, today.

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