Elementary Teacher PD

The following are resources developed for the Elementary Teacher PD at the Ontario Science Centre.

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Lesson Plans

Here you will find the 6 main lesson plans that were showcased in the PD session.

World's Largest Lesson -- From Where I STaND

"It could be easy to assume that [gender equity] is already happening in many parts of the world – but is it really? How often do we stop and really think about the balance of men and women making the decisions and doing the jobs that most influence our lives? Are we really moving towards an equal world, where there’s an equal number of men and women who work as doctors, newsreaders, politicians, police, bosses, judge?"

This simple project allows students to visualize who in their community holds positions of power. By looking at these gender ratios we can see how far from or close to gender equity we truly are. 

You can even share your results and input your data onto the world map.

Run Like a girl 

A powerful video can be great way to start the conversation about gender equity with your students.


A video showing how adults present "boy" toys or "girl" toys to children based on the clothing they are wearing.