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Implicit Association Test - Computer Version

Did you want see if you have any implicit biases? Try out the computer version of the paper test from the STEMneutral workshop!

Go to the social attitudes sections and follow the instructions. Select the Gender (Gender-Science IAT).

Infographics - Stereotype threat, unconcious bias, microagressions and more

WWEST produced short reports on factors that impact women in science, engineering, technology and trades (SETT).

Power Pose

Your body language may shape who you are | TEDTalk by Amy Cuddy

"Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that "power posing" -- standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident -- can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success.


The amazing tool that women in the White House used to fight gender bias | Vox article by Emily Crockett

Quote from the article, "... female staffers adopted a meeting strategy they called “amplification”: When a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, giving credit to its author. This forced the men in the room to recognize the contribution — and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own."


Interrupt! Or Check yourself!

 How to Get Ahead as a Woman in Tech: Interrupt Men | Slate article by  Kieran Snyder